What is chemsex/highfun?

Chemsex, or highfun is a drugs abuse activity during sex, a currently common, and high-risk activity in the MSM-TGW community. For those who are conscious about using PrEP to prevent HIV, chemsex increases the risk of unsafe sex, forgetting medicines, thereby increasing the risk of HIV infection, sexually transmissible infections, and lack of control of health problems, accompanying or newly arising disease. Chemsex users are also at risk for dependence (addiction), reduced social behavior control, associated with pharmacological symptoms such as drug poisoning, shock from overdose and physical exhaustion.

How to keep you safe ?

1 Understand properly about drugs: how to distinguish, effects, cautions, and risks to users
2 Learn how to keep yourself safe, and reduce the risks of infecting other diseases such as HIV and STIs
3 See your doctor right away when you experience addiction and unusual health conditions for timely consultant, and intervention


LGBTQI-friendly clinics system, secured information
Doctors are trained by international organizations and experts
Partly subsidized cost; connecting clients to treatment


What did users say about chemsex counselling and support service?

I am currently in the process of drugs abuse treatment. The doctor not only supports me enthusiastically but also advises me to test HIV and STIs peroidically and use PrEP also to protect me from HIV. I regret not coming here earlier.
Ha Noi
A great service for the community because this is a sensitive issue, so before we could only did research ourselves, when any problem occurs, we did not know who to ask. Now, I know how to protect myself, my friends and I will consider more carefully before attempting to use drugs.
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