HIV Self-testing

You want to know your HIV status, but…

         You cannot schedule a time to go to the testing locations
You are afraid of judgmental looks from others

The great news is that HIV self-testing has been launched in Vietnam. Let’s explore this service through the video!

Promotional messages on HIV Testing

Community-based HIV Testing - Quick – Private – Friendly!

“Oraquick is so fast and convenient! I got my results just 20 minutes after doing the test. Through this HIV self-testing kit, I always feel relaxed and confident to take care of my own health!” An Oraquick user shared

Test for your HIV status after only 14 days! The 4th generation HIV rapid test Alere Combo can detect your HIV status as early as 14 days since the day you made a risky sexual decision (e.g. unprotected sex)

Community-based HIV Testing - Quick – Private – Friendly!

The media talks about HIV Testing

Ted Osius


Former US Ambassador to Vietnam

Former US Ambassador to Vietnam and his same-sex partner’s experience with HIV self-testing

Hương giang


I Test. Do you?
Famous singers and models share their HIV self-testing experiences

H'hen Nie

Miss Universe Vietnam

Protect your privacy, self-test for HIV! Miss Vietnam H’Hen Nie and Dustin Phuc Nguyen discuss HIV self-testing

Community-based HIV testing

Besides HIV self-testing, you can also contact community-based organizations (CBOs) to get support and get tested for free. With the motto “Quick – Private – Friendly”, CBOs are places you can trust and share your information and get credible advices on HIV services, as well as information on safe sex and STIs.

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to get HIV testing with community-based organizations for free

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